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  Home Page    Table of Contents    Author's Note
  Chapter 1: When was the Battery Invented?  
  Chapter 2: Battery Chemistries
  Chapter 3: The Battery Pack
  Chapter 4: Proper Charge Methods
  Chapter 5: Discharge Methods
  Chapter 6: The Secrets of Battery Runtime
  Chapter 7: The "Smart" Battery
  Chapter 8: Choosing the Right Battery
  Chapter 9: Internal Battery Resistance
  Chapter 10: Getting the Most from your Batteries 
  Chapter 11: Maintaining Fleet Batteries
  Chapter 12: Battery Maintenance Equipment
  Chapter 13: Making Battery Quick-Test Feasible
  Chapter 14: Non-Correctable Battery Problems
  Chapter 15: Caring For Your Batteries from
  Birth to Retirement 
  Chapter 16: Practical Battery Tips
  Chapter 17: Did you Know. . . ?
  Chapter 18: Beginnings and Horizons
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Battery FAQ
  New Articles   When was the battery invented?
      What's the prefect battery?
     Will the Lithium-Ion battery power the new millennium?
     The Li-Polymer battery: substance of hype?
     Can the Lead Acid battery compete in modern times?
     The secret of battery runtime
     Choosing a battery that will last
     Memory: myth or fact?
     The battery and the digital load
     Is the 'smart' battery help or deterrent?
     The green light lies
      Battery testers for modern batteries
      Breakthrough in Battery Quick Tesgin
     Caring for your batteries from birth to retirement
     The Fuel Cell: Is it Ready?
     Recycling your battery
  About the Author  New Articles in French
  Order Book  New Articles in German
  Links  New Articles in Spanish


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