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The information provided on this website is based on the best knowledge of the author at time of publishing. The content of Batteries in a Portable World (second edition) is available in its entirety; battery topics of interest are summarized in short articles for the enjoyment of the reader.

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Articulos Nuevos - new articles in Spanish
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  • Current and Emerging Battery Test Methods NEW!
    The article gives an honest insight into the challenges of battery testing and what the future will bring. The article provides a brief history of available testers, addresses misleading claims, describes state-of-charge measurements and explains what causes batteries to age.
  • Battery Fuel Gauge: Factual or Fallacy? NEW!
    In German
    Many perceive a battery as being an energy storage device that is similar to a fuel tank dispensing liquid fuel. This is a fallacy because measuring stored energy from an electrochemical device is far more complex. The article describes pros and cons of the battery fuel gauge and introduces new developments in battery management systems.
  • Free Energy… almost!
    Here we look at oil as an incredibly inexpensive energy that has only been available for the 100 years or so, and is being burned up with little concern of the environmental impact, and securing energy needs for future generations.
  • Will the Fuel Cell have a Second Life?
    During the late 1990’s, the fuel cell was the darling of stock promoters but the shares have fallen. In spite of this setback, the fuel cell has a good potential and we hope that the development will continue to serve as replacement for the polluting internal combustion engine.
  • Is the Electric Car Mature?
    There is a large jump from the hybrid to a battery-powered drivetrain and the battery to satisfy this requirement may not yet be available. This article looks at the early electric vehicles 100 years and examines up and coming models.
  • Are the Hybrid Cars here to stay?
    The article examines the fuel cell as an alternative power source for stationary, mobile and portable applications. It addresses the current technologies in development, focuses on the advantages of clean power, and tackles concerns that could cause delays.
  • The Fuel Cell: is it ready?
    In German
    The article examines the fuel cell as an alternative power source for stationary, mobile and portable applications. It addresses the current technologies in development, focuses on the advantages of clean power, and tackles concerns that could cause delays.
  • What causes car batteries to fail early?
    in French in German in Spanish
    The article addresses premature battery failures, a phenomenon that is often caused by driving habits. The article introduces battery rapid testers and discusses a bar code system to simplify battery testing. We learn about failures induced by low charge and acid stratification and examine methods to reverse the effect.
  • Rapid-testing of large batteries.
    in German
    Checking vehicular and stationary batteries by non-invasive methods may still be in its infancy. The article introduces a new technology based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, which produces improved readings over AC conductance methods.
  • Breakthrough in battery quick testing
    in French In German in Spanish
    This article examines the shortcomings of battery testing using conventional ohmic values and voltage trends. The article introduces a new approach using an inference algorithm, a technique that is self-learning and resembles the thinking process of the human brain.
  • The changing demands of modern battery testers
    "The changing demands of modern battery testers" explains the causes of battery failures and short runtimes. The article describes quick testing and methods to re-energize packs that have failed due to low discharge. You will learn how to connect batteries to the analyzer.
  • Recycling your battery
    The article emphasizes the importance of recycling environmentally unfriendly batteries. The article looks at the economics of recycling, discusses different techniques and evaluates recycling activities overseas.
  • The green light lies
    in French In German in Spanish
    The green light lies looks at the battery as a corrosive device that gradually loses the ability to hold charge. The article describes simple battery maintenance programs for fleet applications to prolong battery life and help weed out the deadwood.
  • Getting the most of your batteries examines proper charging, storage and maintenance methods. The article describes restoration techniques, looks at recovery yields and suggests suitable equipment to service the batteries
  • Memory: myth or fact?
    There is a misconception about the word 'memory'. The phenomenon is still an issue with nickel-based batteries and the reader learns how to minimize the effects to prolong battery life. The article concludes with three case studies involving memory.
  • The battery and the digital load
    in French In German in Spanish
    The article emphasizes the importance of low internal battery resistance. The article observes seemingly good batteries and explains why they fail on digital loads. The reader is introduced to methods of measuring battery impedance as a means of battery quick test.
  • Can laptop batteries be repaired?
  • Laptop batteries differ from other battery types in higher cost, unusual terminal configurations and limited service life. This article examines why these batteries do not last as long as other packs and looks at testing, calibration and cell replacement.
  • Is the 'smart' battery help or deterrent?
    The article evaluates the benefits and limitations of the 'smart' battery and discusses methods of measuring the state-of-charge and state-of-health. The reader is introduced to the SMBus and learns about charging methods and calibration.
  • Serial and parallel battery configurations.
    Most battery packs contain multiple cells that are connected in series and parallel. This article describes typical cell configurations to attain the correct voltage and desired runtime. We also address failure modes and advise on household batteries.
    in German
  • Is Lithium-ion safe?
    The recall of almost six million laptop batteries by Dell and Apple has caused concern about the safety of lithium-ion packs. This article looks at the cause of failures, evaluates different lithium-ion system and advises what we can do as consumer to minimize the risk.
    in German
  • The Li-Polymer battery: substance of hype?
    In this article the reader learns the difference between the classic Li-ion and the polymer version in terms of packaging and energy-to-cost ratio. It explains the position the Li-ion polymer battery holds in a market that demands ultra-slim geometry.
  • What's the perfect battery?
    The article evaluates the advantages and limitations of rechargeable batteries and suggests the best choice for specific applications. The batteries are not only scrutinized in terms of energy density but also on longevity, load characteristics, maintenance requirements, self-discharge and operational costs.
  • When was the battery invented?
    in French in German in Spanish
    This article describes early experiments with electricity and the development of the battery. The reader is introduced to famous inventors such as Galvani, Volta, Ampère, Faraday and Planté.

    Note: These publications may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures. All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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