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Battery Facts

www.cadex.com – Information on battery service products
www.freedoniagroup.com – International business research company
www.batteries.frost.com – Statistical battery information


www.mobilepowersolutions.com – Mobile Power Battery Testing
www.rbrc.com – Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
www.sbs-forum.org – Smart Battery System
www.acpi.info – Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
www.smbus.org – SMBus website

Government Organizations

www.fcc.gov – Federal Communications Commission
www.ul.com – Underwriters Laboratories test lab
www.dot.gov – U.S. Department of Transportation
ec.europa.eu – European Commission
www.iata.org – Air Transport Association
www.iec.ch – International Electrotechnical Commission
www.rohs.eu – RoHS
www.iso.org – International Organization for Standardization
www.un.org – United Nations


www.molienergy.com – E-One Moli Energy, manufacturer of Li-ion
www.sanyo.com/batteries/ – Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.
www.panasonic.com/batteries – Panasonic
www.saftbatteries.com – Saft Battery
www.maxim-ic.com – Maxim IC manufacturer
www.benchmark.com – Benchmark IC manufacturer
www.linear.com – Linear Technology Corp.


www.exponent.com – Exponent Failure Analysis Associates
www.huret.com – Huret Associates, battery consultants
www.theroethlegroup.com – The Roethle Group, Inc.
www.sdle.co.il – Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.


www.portabledesign.com – Portable Design
www.batterypoweronline.com – Battery Power Products & Technology
www.bestmag.co.uk – Batteries and Energy Storage Technology


www.dgtraining.com - Training on shipment of lithium-based batteries
– Automobile Portal
www.bicycle-power.com – The Hub of Power Assist


www.rbrc.org – Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
www.prba.org – Portable Rechargeable Battery Association

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